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    My characters~


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    My characters~

    Post by Aziquesa on Tue Feb 23, 2016 8:56 pm

    Depending on the roleplay, I have two characters I know that I might use. It's possible that I will update the information and the pictures later on, but for now, this will be.

    Elin the Dragoness
    Preferably called Azi...
    • Age: 19yo

    • Gender: female

    • Personality traits: Kind, sweet, gentle, caring.

    • Strengths: Because of always being so kind and caring she makes many friends, which makes her happy and confident.

    • Weakness: Losing something or someone she really cares about.

    Just Icy/Ice, please~ ^^
    • Age: around 16yo

    • Gender: Male/stallion

    • Personality traits: sometimes childish and playful, but mostly kind and positive.

    • Strengths: He has this strange talent; just by looking at someone they become friends immediately...

    • Weakness: Weak for beautiful girls, and sensitive hooves.

    And that's all for now!
    // BAIIII!!

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