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    Hiya there!


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    Hiya there!

    Post by Aziquesa on Tue Feb 23, 2016 8:17 pm

    Here's me, admin of the site, doing an intro!

    Name: Aziquesa, usually called Aziq or Azi. Preferrably Azi.
    Interests: Hobby aquarium! Writing, drawing and reading sometimes. Very much like to just sit at home and chill.
    Goals: I want to be a good admin who takes responsibility, and is appreciated.
    Experience: Been roleplaying very much in my life, but interest have been going back and forth. I'm obviously a good group-leader, according to many sources.
    Here for: Being the admin ofc! Also I would like to roleplay, chat about whatever and get to know other people!

    That's all I can come up with right now, so hope to see ya sometime!
    // BYYYEE!!

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