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    Rules of Dragination forum


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    Rules of Dragination forum

    Post by Aziquesa on Tue Feb 23, 2016 7:49 pm

    Dear users...
    It is important to know what is allowed and not allowed in a forum where a lot of users are gathering every other day; chatting, talking and discussing about whatever they can come up with. This post were created for that exact purpose, so all of us administrators and moderators would be delighted if every new and old user took time to read through these rules.

    1. Harassment is strictly forbidden, and every usage will result in suspension. One exception, and one only, would be if a roleplay or discussion depends on using any harassment. The creating user then will have to send a private message to any administrator that shall then look into the matter and conclude if the harassment is acceptable or not. In order for us admins to properly be able to examine the harassing topic, the user has to be very clear with what he/she wants to use, and what for. Without sufficient information, the harassment will be denied, no matter. If the mentioned user creates a thread, despite the denial, it will be removed and the user will receive a warning. Continuation of the behavior will result in permanent ban.

    2. Each posted thread shall have a title that matches the theme. If the users want to talk about how relationships can change ones behavior and/or daily habits, the title should be something alike "Change of habits due to relationships" or "Can relations change my habits?" or similar. This is to avoid confusion and make sure that all users keeps to the theme. If the theme of the thread doesn't match the title, the creating user will be asked to change it. Shouldn't this happen within two days, the thread has a risk of being locked permanently or taken down. Users that doesn't follow the title/theme of a thread will receive a warning, and any unrelated posts in a thread will be removed. Should the user continue to post irrelevant replies, he/she will be suspended for one week.

    3. Any spam in a thread will be reported and removed. If the spam in any way would be too severe, the whole thread could be taken down or get permanently locked. Any user who is spamming a thread because of boredom, advertisement or just for fun will receive a warning before getting temporarily suspended. Should the spam continue after the suspension, the user will be permanently banned. Neither do anyone want to receive spam by PM, and this will result in the same punishment. Advertising follows the same rules. If you, as a user, would like to advertise, put it in your signature.

    4. When creating new threads, always think about what category/room it belongs to. Threads created in the wrong category will be moved, locked or removed. If you, as a user, feel that a category/room is missing, send a private message to any administrator, and it shall be fixed as soon as possible! Don't forget all the delicious details about why you want this specific room and/or what it shall be used for.

    5. Sexual content in any form is forbidden in every chatroom in the entire forum, with the exception of the "Mature content" roleplay-room. Only here it is okay to be mature, but no where else. If any user would use words or sentences that should be censored, a warning will be delivered. Would the desire grow too great, the admins may add a chatroom where it will also be allowed to use sexual content.

    • All warnings will be received by PM from any admin, and only one warning will be sent for each fault.

    • The suspension time of a user always depends on how severe of a "crime" they have committed.

    • When a user gets banned, all threads and posts will be removed permanently. Friends/fellows of the user will be noted by PM.

    • Banned usernames will remain in the database, in order to keep track of the user, and possible re-entries.

    Thanks for reading and enjoy your stay!
    // Administrator Aziquesa, the great and mighty~

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