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    Guidelines for the Introduction room


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    Guidelines for the Introduction room

    Post by Aziquesa on Tue Feb 23, 2016 7:44 pm

    This room is meant for everyone to make a first contact and get to know others. There should not be any other topics in the Introduction room than introductions; seems pretty clear, if you look at the name. The admins do not want to see character intro here, only short about the users themselves. Information about roleplay characters will go in another room in the roleplaying section. Any questions from users can be posted in the "Announcements" room, or sent in a private message to an administrator.

    What should be in this room:
    • Introductions of yourself. The user that will be online in this forum.

    • Greetings and welcomes to other users. (As replies on already created topics)

    • Updates on your information as either new topics or as replies to your old topic.

    What should not be in this room:
    • Information about any of your characters.

    • Sexual content of any kind.

    • Spam or advertisements.

    • Congrats on someones birthday.

    • Harassments of any kind.

    That's all folks!
    // Administrator Aziquesa, the great and mighty~

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