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    Introduce yourself - here's how!


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    Introduce yourself - here's how!

    Post by Aziquesa on Mon Feb 22, 2016 1:18 pm

    Hi there everyone!
    This post is meant for all newcomers who wonders how to start out. Firstly, you shall create a new topic and write a little something about how you roleplay, what you like, or if you're just here to read all the topics and stories here. Readers and writers are all welcome to this website, no matter the interests. Down below is an example on how to introduce yourself. It would be awesome if you added even more information, but this is the most basis, and we admins would like to know this about you, in order to know why you're here, and what we can do to get you satisfied with your visit.

    • Name: {your name, or what you prefer to be called by other users.}

    • Interests: {subjects of your interests. not necessarily something you found here on the site.}

    • Goals: {do you have any goals you want to reach while on this site? get known, get better att opening up, or similar?}

    • Experiences: {whatever experiences you have gotten in life that might be useful on this site.}

    • Here for: {whatever reason that got you registered on this site. a topic you found interesting, or something that can be related to this website.}

    Thank you for understanding!
    // Administrator Aziquesa, the great and mighty~

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